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Study Abroad Spring 2018 - Gastronomy in focus!

 Spring Study Abroad program is halfway and a lot has happened since the students landed at Blagnac airport! Our Language and Culture and Business and Culture programs have kept our students quite busy studying at Toulouse Business School and Institut Catholique de Toulouse, on top of the CIEE-designed courses they have been following.

Once they are done with their daily classes, CIEE makes sure they get some further exposure to French culture by setting up activities in which they will find out about big C and small C aspects of the society: museums and main historical sites on the one hand; traditional and community life on the other hand.

Once a month, this Blog will focus on one aspect of our programs among the following: academics, faculty, host families, one-day trips, overnight excursions, students’ intercultural observations…

This month, we have decided to focus on the most popular activities we have set up so far for students: somehow, they are always related to food, whether it is tasting or making or both!

Here are some examples of what our student have done in Toulouse since January:

Orientation Lunch at “Au bon Peuple chez Navarre”, a rural like restaurant with its long wooden tables and decorations dating back to the XVth century. The food is traditional and homy!




Cuisine workshop at L’atelier des chefs with a real chef :
Making the prep!


What is the best part: cooking or eating?


 Session 2 of l’Atelier des chefs :

0 (5)
Listening to the chef instructions
0 (5)
Breadcrumb coating
0 (5)
Breadcrumb coating 2
0 (5)
Team 2 Breadcrumb coating
0 (5)
Beautiful plates are on the way!
0 (5)
Everyone is eager to eat! Yum!






















What kind of trip would it be without a Wine & cheese tasting? With Delphine Peres, a professional sommelier, we learned how to taste wine and how to make it agree with cheese:

0 (12)
Delphine opening a bottle of wine
0 (12)
The sommelière explaining the origin of the wine
0 (12)
Chatting with the restaurant owner








Learning French while making pastries during a co-curricular activity:

0 (14)
Claire baking the chocolate fondant


0 (14)
Preparing the dough for the coconut "rôcher"


0 (14)
Holding proudly a delicious homemade lemon pie

Learning about local products at the wine and terroir fair: 

0 (14)
First time tasting Tartiflette, a cheese and potatoes based meal: Yummy!


0 (14)
Am I ready to share?













Traditional Crepe workshop at a host father’s restaurant “Pastel & Sarrasin”:

1 (2)
François-Loïc taught the group how to make dough for the traditional savory “galette”


1 (2)
or “mettre la main à la pâte”


1 (2)
Making the crepe prep


1 (6)
The bilig, the traditional tool to do the “galette” (buckwheat pancake) and the crepe


1 (2)
The result: a beautiful galette with stir fry vegetables and chicken with a persillade sauce

1 (2)
It is like being at the restaurant...
1 (7)
... but we made our own food!

1 (2)
Making of the salted butter caramel
1 (10)
Step one: boil sugar and water

1 (2)
When brown remove from heat
1 (12)
Add cream, butter, and whisk!

1 (2)
Whisk until the caramel is homogeneous
1 (14)
And here we have a perfect salted butter caramel:
1 (100)
Making the sweet crepe: first step: pour the dough on the bilig


1 (100)
Try to make a round shape using the rake


1 (100)
Then spread the dough with the rake but lightly or the crepe will break


1 (100)
And here is a perfect crepe!


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