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Discovering Toulouse

As part of their “Masterworks of Art” class, students visited all key historical sites in Toulouse with their professor, Eric Créma.




Toulouse has a wealthy historical heritage with monuments such as the Saint Sernin basilica, the largest Romanesque basilica in Europe, the Augustins Museum ((Romanesque and Gothic sculpture), Saint-Etienne Cathedral, and the Jacobins’ Convent (in the above photo).

Students also had the opportunity to discover the cutting-edge and very modern aspect of the city with a visit to Fablab!

The Toulouse Fablab was the first of its kind to be created in France. It is an open space that makes numerical material available to everyone to create all sorts of innovative objects. It is a laboratory at the crossroads of science and poetry. Students learned about 3-D printing and found out that with this technology one can even print  a pizza or a chocolate cake!

FablabHere, Lingchich Yang, our guide is showing a works of one of Fablab founders, Gilles Azzaro, a voice sculptor.

A couple of years ago, he was asked by Barack Obama to “sculpt” a voice message for Michelle’s birthday!


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